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Life appears to be fast paced and frantic. It can seem overwhelming when you do not have a sense of direction and your day to day feels like a grind. I have great news, YOU have control of your life. YOU have control of right NOW. My name is Lauren, welcome! 🙂 I created this space to guide you down a different path, a path of joy, love and light. This site is filled with wellness tips, self development tools, and lifestyle goals. Let me help you create and design the life you were born to live.

As a child, I felt close to God. I would talk to Him. I could sense His presence. Everything flowed for me. It seemed like everything went my way. But, in high school, I started to drift away and our relationship changed. Looking back, I think my lifestyle choices resulted in the distance. High school was filled with a lot of partying, my focus shifted. College and the corporate world were no different. After awhile, I didn’t even realize that  I didn’t talk to God or attend church anymore. I had created a new normal, an unfulfilled and disconnected one.

On a whim, I joined a women’s Bible study, Beth Moore’s Breaking Free. Weeks of reading the Bible, filling out my daily study material and thinking of Him, reopened the door to my soul. I started to pray and ask God to take my broken heart and give me a new one. My heart felt shattered and repair seemed out of the question. I WANTED A NEW ONE! God gave me a new beginning, a whole and complete heart.

Now my days are filled with children’s laughter, hot yoga, sunshine, live music, healthy foods and green juice. I find happiness in the small details of today. I do not dwell on the past and I do not worry about the future. I live in the present. On this site, I hope that you find inspiration to live a more vibrant life! 🙂


Lauren is a writer and inspirational speaker. She is a wife to JB and mom to Parker Nicole (9) and John Barton (6). She lives in a small town, outside of Nashville, TN. 

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