Rumi and His Wisdom

Day 3 of the Quote Challenge Good morning, my sweet friends!! I’m off to yoga class and then to Louisville. Parker has a dance competition. She’s really enjoyed competing and hanging out with her friends this year. It’s day 3 of the 3 Days Quote Challenge. Thank you, Oshmita with Get Styled, for nominating me!Continue reading “Rumi and His Wisdom”

Eckhart Tolle and Living in the Now

One of the unexpected surprises to writing and creating online are the connections that I have made blogging. It’s cool to meet like minded people, who are working toward a similar goal. I use to feel alone about certain theories and ideas.

How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day to Day Life

When You Start to Focus on the Now, Your Senses and Focus Start to Improve I love reading non-fiction books, blogs, and watching YouTube videos. Most center around how to, self help and lifestyle topics. I remember as a young girl, visiting our local library and flipping through cook books. Searching for books on theContinue reading “How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day to Day Life”

Create the Life You Want

As a Man Thinks with His Heart, So is He So, you’re having a bad day. Then, a bad week. It can snowball quickly. We may start to assume that things never go our way. Is it luck or do we create our reality? There is a verse in the Bible that shines light onContinue reading “Create the Life You Want”