How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day to Day Life

When You Start to Focus on the Now, Your Senses and Focus Start to Improve I love reading non-fiction books, blogs, and watching YouTube videos. Most center around how to, self help and lifestyle topics. I remember as a young girl, visiting our local library and flipping through cook books. Searching for books on theContinue reading “How to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Day to Day Life”

Create the Life You Want

As a Man Thinks with His Heart, So is He So, you’re having a bad day. Then, a bad week. It can snowball quickly. We may start to assume that things never go our way. Is it luck or do we create our reality? There is a verse in the Bible that shines light onContinue reading “Create the Life You Want”

Friday Favorites

What up? I have a Friday Favorites video for you. I talk about a few things that I am loving right now, including sneakers, tassel necklaces, music, collagen protein and avocado toast. Yum! Here are five ways to make avocado toast. ♡ Superga sneakers at Zappos: ♡ Similar tassel necklace: ♡ Collagen protein: WhatContinue reading “Friday Favorites”

Quit Smoking for Good

Hopefully, you’ve stumbled across my blog, because you WANT to quit smoking. Good for you! I’ve been there, done that. One of the main reasons that I created this space was to spread hope. And, guess what? There is hope for you to quit. Even if you have tried a dozen times, don’t give up. Nicotine onlyContinue reading “Quit Smoking for Good”

Gratefulness Project

We have a 20 minute car ride to school every morning. It had become torture. Parker and John Barton would argue most of the ride. I would turn the music up loud, then louder. The journey had become unbearable. So, I prayed. Prayer, followed by quiet. Listening. I used to pray and then move on toContinue reading “Gratefulness Project”

The End of the Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Are you ready to partake in green beer and pinch your friends? Oh, the fun of being a child, and looking for friends that don’t have green on. It doesn’t go over as well as an adult. A few months ago, we were driving to The Depot to eatContinue reading “The End of the Rainbow”

Yoga and Lunch: Nashville with Girlfriends

Shakti Power Yoga and Del Frisco’s The upside to living in a small town outside of Nashville is that I am CLOSE to Nashville. Two of my girlfriends and I decided to make the jaunt for a day escape. Hot yoga and yummy food rank high on my favorite things in life list. Our firstContinue reading “Yoga and Lunch: Nashville with Girlfriends”