Yoga Teacher Training


Yoga Teacher Training

“The Journey of a thousand steps begins with one step,” wrote Lao Tzu, and, so it begins. A new path that I never thought that I would embark on has appeared in my life. I began yoga teacher training yesterday!!

Normally, I would start to overthink my choice. Analyzing the process and my commitment. How can I find the time with all of my other obligations? What would other people think?

Working myself into a stress filled, emotional state of paralyzation. Basically, giving up before I even got going. But, this is the year of YES. And, I believe that God has opened a door and I am choosing to walk through it.


Family and Gratitude

When I got home from the yoga studio, JB, the kids and I had family night. We watched The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan. Movie night is one of John Barton’s favorite things, so I am happy to oblige. lol!

I am thankful for you. Grateful that I have this outlet to speak. It feels good to put my words and thoughts out to the universe. May your weekend be filled with laughter and big smiles with family and friends.

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