10 Ways to Lose Weight with Your iPhone

Lose weight iPhone

Your smartphone is in your hand or pocket throughout day, why not use it for good? Our devices are with us the majority of the time. You now have a personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach all at your disposal. I have 10 ways to use your iPhone to lose weight. Let’s get started! 🙂


Forget to drink water throughout the day? Yeah, me too. I added an alarm to go off on my phone every hour. After a week, it will be a routine and you can turn the alarm off.


Want accountability? Take pictures of your food. If all of your pics look like McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, it’s time to swap out your meals. Add foods that are colorful and visually appealing.


Turn up the Daft Punk or the Strokes and get your dance groove on. Your kids may even join in on the fun. Calories burned. Check.


You are reaching for a doughnut. Put it down and phone a friend.


I have an 8 a.m. reminder that pops up on my phone daily. Go to the clock/alarm section, choose label and add your words of encouragement. You might add something like, “Everything I eat heals and nourishes me” or “Progress, not perfection.”

Lose weight iPhone


Grab your phone, put on your running shoes and stream a podcast. Listening to helpful, interesting content, makes the time fly by and I enter the zone. A few of my favorites are Mighty Mommy, Namaslay, and Happier with Gretchen Rubin. Most podcast apps are free and the episodes are free also.


If you don’t want to take pics of your meals, you can journal what you eat in the notes section of your phone. According to WebMD, people who kept a daily food journal lost twice the amount of weight as those who did not.


iTrack Bites is a knockoff Weight Watchers app. You plug in your meal and the app calculates your points. It is a free app with in-app purchases. If you choose to upgrade for a few dollars, then you have additional tools like restaurant guides, online food database, recipe builder, etc.

bohobeautiful Lose weight iPhone


O.k., this is one of my favorite uses for my iPhone, YouTube! There are millions of FREE workout videos. Throughout the week, I stream barre, yoga, HIIT and spin videos. Some of my favorite fitness YouTubers are Boho Beautiful, Studio Sweat on Demand, and The Betty Rocker.


I love finding inspiration on Bloglovin. It is a fun website that allows you to read all of your favorite blogs in one place. Some of the fitness blogs that I follow are Peanut Butter Runner, The Fitnessista, and Carly Rowena. Their pictures are beautiful. They will post workouts, meal ideas, health tips, and clothes. Score. 🙂

What are some of your favorite podcasts?

How do you use your smartphone to stay healthy?

2 responses to “10 Ways to Lose Weight with Your iPhone”

  1. Awesome!! Progress not perfection – I will have perfection when I see Jesus. Until then one day at a time.
    I just downloaded a macro counter I love it – it has a library of all the alternate foods I eat. It tracks protein,carbs and fats. It can be customized to fit several diet plans. Day 3 down 3 pounds it’s amazing what I was eating before. Accountability and fun! 1 in 4 girls sees images and has negative body image we must change the dialogue and bring positive energy to balance out the negative.

    1. I’m the same way. I don’t realize how much I eat until I food journal. Then, I’m like, “what, to the what??” 😜

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