The End of the Rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Are you ready to partake in green beer and pinch your friends? Oh, the fun of being a child, and looking for friends that don’t have green on. It doesn’t go over as well as an adult. A few months ago, we were driving to The Depot to eat dinner. We saw a rainbow and, then, we saw the END of the rainbow! I didn’t even realize that was possible. So cool! 🙂

Rainbow new beginning

This morning, I am thankful for new beginnings. Rainbows are a great reminder of a fresh start. Grateful for a new day. Grateful that I am not defined by my past. Grateful that I can choose how I react to situations. Free will is an amazing thing. I love this quote by C.S. Lewis.

Free will quote

What are you grateful for?

Is there gold at the end of your rainbow? 

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