5 Ways to Radiate God’s Light from the Inside Out

I’ve got 5 Ways to Radiate God’s Light from the Inside Out. Let’s get this party started…



Boy, if you had told me this when I was younger, I would have laughed out loud at you. But, it is definitely a way to radiate God’s goodness. 🙂 God loves you, you should love yourself. Examine friendships and then mirror the relationship to yourself. Friends know a lot about their friends (likes, dislikes), they are honest with each other and they do what’s in the best interest of their friends. So, figure out what you like, dislike. Life will flow. Be KIND to yourself (more on that later). Enjoy being alone, find joy in it. Some self care tips that I use on the daily, include writing in my journal about places I want to go and goals I want to reach, meditating before  our kids wake up and running around our neighborhood (it’s a 1 mile loop exactly, PERFECT! :)). If you like “you,” other people will like you. 


At the top of the energetic vibration chart is peace, joy, and love. When you exude high vibes, God’s love and light shines through. Peace, joy, and love can be shown in your daily activities. Don’t join in on gossip (peace), be happy for others when they are successful (joy) and show love to those who deserve it the least (love). Eat more alkaline foods, shout out to green, leafy veggies, lemons, limes and fresh berries.  Vibrational-Chart


Sitting quietly and listening to God’s voice is a work in progress for me. I wrote an article on mindfulness and how it relates to my relationship with Him. Go here for the goodness. On another note, we can also be mindful listeners with friends and coworkers. So, the next time you start to tune out of a conversation, reel it back and in and LISTEN. Be in the moment.


God wants you to talk to Him. Not just when a tragedy happens or a family member is diagnosed with a terminal illness, but in the little things also. He wants you to talk to Him about your new gluten free lifestyle, your kids extra curricular activities and the neighborhood you want to live in. He cares. When He healed my broken heart and gave me a new one, I would pray that I would glow and radiate His light. I had been so sad, that I wanted other people to know that there is hope on the other side. Before I would go to a client meeting, I would imagine His white light shining down from Heaven, through my head, face and then out of my entire body. The cool thing is that IT WORKED. Everyday I would receive compliments on my complexion. I felt like people were drawn to me. God’s light can radiate from the inside out!


My word for 2018 is KINDNESS. Every year, I ask Him to show me a word that reflects the upcoming year. Then, I pray and meditate on it. I was surprised to receive “kindness.” I feel like I am a “nice” person. Ummm, ok. Not excited for this one. But, as the weeks have went by, my view on the word has changed. Kindness is actually powerful. It is a game changer and it affects how the world reacts to you. When you exude kindness, it will return to you and doors will open. The real eye opener was when I realized that the word was also meant for ME and that I should be KIND TO MYSELF. What? I have been so hard on myself over the years, criticizing, critiquing, and holding myself to a high standard. Way above what I expect out of others. Ease up on me? Relax? Total game changer.

What do you do to radiate God’s light from the inside out?

What are some of your self care tips to show yourself kindness?

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